8 Awesome TED-Ed Animations To Make You Go ‘Wow’!

Do you think you understand love? Perhaps this question is making your mind flash images of red roses, some romantic movie you’ve watched recently or your loved ones. But do you actually understand it? Is it an escape from our loneliness and suffering? Or is it just a trick of nature to procreate? Do you ever wonder about such interesting yet abstract topics? TED-ED animations cover a variety of such topics. We bring you 8 such TED-ED animations. Brace yourself for a whirlwind journey. Learn about topics from ‘Depression’ to ‘Plato’! Be amazed!


1.Would You Opt For A Life With No Pain?

An instinctive answer would be a “hell yeah I would”. But think again.Consider a situation where you are plugged into a simulation that guarantees only pleasure but no pain. Would you take it? Does reality have some intrinsic value whether pleasurable or painful?. Why do we need to make reality a factor while making a decision?A reality with ups and downs or a simulation with only ups? You decide.


2.What Makes A Hero?

The cave you fear to enter

Holds the treasures you seek”

-Joseph Campbell

Think of all the heroes you have seen in books or movies.Do they have anything in common?. This short animated video tries to attribute qualities to the character that is called hero. Surprisingly all heroes have something in common.Give it a watch to find out how your favorite hero fits into the frame.


3.What Is Depression?

Clinical depression is way different than the general idea. Sad feelings go away given some circumstantial changes.Depression doesn’t.It lingers around for a long period. This one deals with the diagnosis,symptoms and cure for depression.


4.Why Do We Feel Nostalgia?

Almost all of us have experienced nostalgia. A familiar smell transporting us to the past, an old photograph bringing out long forgotten memories and feelings, a song heard after a long time invoking old feelings. But why do we feel nostalgia? Well, check out this video to find out!

5.Plato’s Best(And Worst)


An iconic philosopher, Plato is credited for a lot of philosophical ideas which hold importance even today. Check out some of his best and some of his more controversial ideas as you embark on this fascinating philosophical journey.


6.Why Do We Dream?

  Ah that question again! This one presents you with many theories on the question and suggests some thoughts on what they might actually mean. Perhaps dreams are a release of fears and anxieties during the day? Or perhaps they are the brain’s way of remembering the incidents you wish you forget? The quest for answering this question hasn’t stopped. This one puts together all the major existing theories.


7.Mary’s Room: A philosophical thought experiment

Imagine an expert neuro-scientist Mary living in a black and white room. She knows all the physics and biology related to colour perception but has never seen a colour. Now suppose she sees a red apple on her computer screen. Did she learn anything new? Can every conscious experience be explained by physical facts? Is there something about red that transcends human communication?


8.How To Spot A Liar

 I can’t make it, I’m sick. I didn’t break that flower vase, mom. Our company is not responsible for the damage…..we hear a ton of things everyday, many of which could be lies. If only there is a way to spot a liar right?. Well it’s not easy. This TED-ED video deals with all the theories that are put forward for detecting a liar and a lie.


These TED-ED videos sure will help your mind paint a picture,how abstract the topic might be.The awesomely intriguing animations will keep you glued to the screen, helping you grasp the content. Next time,when you come across a ted-ed animated video, just click on it for a exciting journey into a new topic!



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8 Awesome TED-Ed Animations To Make You Go ‘Wow’!

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