7 Moments that Turned Pulp Fiction Into A Cult Classic


Pulp Fiction is probably a landmark film in indie cinema and also possibly the best Quentin Tarantino film. It was a film that wasn’t boring for even a single second. These are probably the 7 best moments from the film:-

1) Ezekiel 25:17

It’s not normal if a quote from Bible can scare the shit out of you. But Jules Winnfield (played by Samuel .L Jackson) managed to do that. It was a brilliant performance by Jackson, possibly his best. He made Jules one of those gangsters that no one even wanted to see in their dreams. Jackson went on to act in many more Quentin Tarantino films after Pulp Fiction.

2) Shot of Adrenaline

Uma Thurman’s reaction after being brought back to life mirrored ours when we saw this particular scene. As Vincent was given the task of taking care of Mia while Marsellus Wallace was out of town, a huge problem occurs when Mia gets an overdose of heroin. Vincent injects a needle full of adrenaline into Mia’s heart to get her back alive and thankfully she survives it. A crazy, but iconic scene.

3) I Shot Marvin

Oh Marvin, we wished you had an opinion. Even if we didn’t, Vincent and Jules certainly did. It’s ironic that just just when Jules were talking about his plans to retire. Talk about life. Probably the funniest scene in the entire film. It also introduces us to The Wolf – played by Harvey Keitel.


4) Dancing At Jack Rabbit Slim’s

Major pop culture references in this scene set in a 50’s theme restaurant. Mia and Vincent showed the world how to ‘Twist’ on their dinner date. It seems so casual yet perfect.


5) Winston Wolfe’s Solution to the Bonnie Situation

Tarantino himself plays Jimmy but it shouldn’t have been too hard as Harvey was so intimidating in the role. It was fascinating to see The Wolf solve such a big problem so calmly. He surely was the man that solved problems.

6) Royale with Cheese

Many things have different names in different parts of the world. Thanks to Vincent, Jules got to know that you can easily grab a beer in a McDonalds in Europe or a quarter pound of cheese in Paris is known as Royale with Cheese. Unfortunately, Vincent didn’t go to Burger King otherwise we would’ve known about more such abbreviations.


7) The Basement Scene

Going to get back his prized watch was already a tough decision for butch. This scene was possibly the most disgusting one in the entire film. It had its fair share of absurdity too because who would’ve imagined a gangster like Marsellus Wallace in such a situation!


There are plenty more instances that make this movie a great watch but we believe these were probably the most iconic ones that gave it that ‘cult’ status it has today.



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7 Moments that Turned Pulp Fiction Into A Cult Classic

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