If You’re An EPL fan, You’ve Got To Check Out These 5 Youtube Channels!

The English Premier League is probably one of the most exciting sports leagues in the world.  The League is characterized by exciting football, unpredictable results (who thought Leicester would win) and now thanks to the broadcast deal, even more money. Last year the premier league saw a long list of great managers with transfer records being broken and more high tempo games being played. But to be up to date with everything associated with the premier league, we can definitely use some help. Here are the 5 best YouTube channels that discuss the Premier League and more:-


1) uMaxit Football

This one is probably the most  YouTube channel we’ve come across. Their ‘draw my story’ approach is although not new, but is like a breath of fresh air when it comes to football videos. They make videos on history of football, current football clubs, the current tactics and much more.  The videos are aided by the baritone voice of the narrator. Even when the leagues in Europe have concluded, they continue to make videos. This season they are focusing on the world cup history. They have their own website too. This is one channel you don’t want to miss out.


2) Football Daily

This is an all British channel so you can be sure their coverage of EPL will be brilliant and it really is. They cover almost everything there is to cover in the footballing world. Their website is also full of great articles along with videos. They regularly host prominent players for questions and answer sessions. They have grown over the years and now have another channel called Euro Football Daily that focuses on only European football.


3) Copa90

You can judge them by the amount of subscribers they’ve gained over the years. Copa90 is a channel for the fans, by the fans. We can’t pinpoint their particular best because there is a lot. Although we can admit that this channel has the best ‘offbeat’ content with documentaries and more similar stuff. They were bought by KICK in 2015; another football based YouTube channel.

4) The Football Republic

This channel is only a year old but they’re growing on a fast pace, thanks to their quality content. Their team members are mostly Englishmen, so unsurprisingly their main area of focus is the English Premier League. They also invite the members of other fan channels of football clubs for debates on tactics, transfers and more.

They make videos that genuinely connect with the premier league fans. This is one channel you just can’t miss. Click here


5) We Speak Football

It is not one of the usual football channels that provide coverage, tactics etc instead it is a channel created by an individual to showcase various goals, tricks etc.

They do a good job of showcasing the skills of football players. Most videos contain a background Electronic music and are short in duration, making them ideal to watch. Click Here!


We believe that these channels are more than sufficient to keep you entertained and connected with not only the English Premier League, but every aspect of the beautiful game.

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If You’re An EPL fan, You’ve Got To Check Out These 5 Youtube Channels!

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