10 Lesser Known Facts About Wolverine That You Never Knew

Named after the ferocious hunter dwelling in the cold, subarctic forests of the northern hemisphere, the front man of the X-Men stands true to the nature of the animal he’s named after. Wolverine has always been solitary, aggressive and the best at what he does (even though what he does isn’t pretty nice). Often portrayed as the badass and taking the world head on with his claws, there isn’t a lot that Logan can’t do. While on the big screen we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg of what Wolverine can actually do, here we’ve compiled a list of 10 lesser known facts about him.

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# Wolverine made his debut on Hulk’s comics.

The big bad guy of Marvel comics had first appeared for a cameo role in the Hulk’s comics. The year 1974 had introduced Wolverine as a mystery to the world with him staying in his costume for the whole time. Hulk had teamed up with this mysterious man in the yellow suit to defeat another villain that he was facing.

# He was supposed to be a teenager.

The Wolverine we know now would have been just a teenager with enhanced senses and a berserker rage, had history not played out differently. The writers had first imagined the eventual X-Men leader to be somewhat like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Imagine how the whole series of X-Men would have panned out if the man with admantium claws, was revealed to be a teenager.

# He was given gloves with claws first.

The iconic claws of his weren’t a part of him at first. The idea at first was to give the teenage wolverine a pair of gloves which had weapons and his signature claws. It wasn’t until the 90’s that his origin story was actually revealed to the world, lifting the veil from the secret behind his admantium claws.

# He has killed his own kids.

Immortality can be a curse and for a character like Logan, it always was. As if seeing his loved ones growing old and die while he remained the same wasn’t enough, the Wolverine had once to kill almost all of his kids. This so happened when one of his children (supposed to be killed of in the womb by the Winter Soldier) goes on a vengeance spree against Logan. Daken formed a cult and brainwashed all the children of the Wolverine with the only objective of killing off their dad. Unaware of the fact that the mutated young babes that he had killed were his own babies, Logan disposed each of them off in the gruesome manner that he’s known for. After the realization of what he had done, he drowned Daken by himself so that he could never hurt anyone again.

# Wolverine’s female clone.

The people responsible behind weapon X program had a small sample of DNA of Logan left with them when he had escaped the facility. It was that DNA, they were able to recreate a twin of Wolverine with the name of X-23. The female clone of Logan had two claws coming out of both her hands and feet. Introduced as an assassin, she later went on to become a member of the X-Men.

# Wolverine has fought beside Captain America in the second World War

Logan has been around since a fairly long time in the Marvel’s timeline. The incident of him getting back all his memories prior to the weapon X program stirred a lot of controversy in the amongst the fans. One of the major reveals that came from his memories coming back was that him and Steve Rogers, had fought defending America in WWII.

# Wolverine has fought Spock…… and lost.

The popularity of Wolverine had made him a face of the Marvel comics for sometime now. When the sales of the comics plummeted in the 90’s, Marvel thought of a crossover between Star Trek and the X-Men. This put Logan in the path of Spock, who defeated him with one single Vulcan nerve pinch.

# Wolverine has killed off the whole X-Men team.

The recent arcs of the X-Men stories have shown the animal rage of Wolverine caged to an extent where he no longer brings his claws out. With the timeline of the arc is set in the future and the reason behind Logan’s withdrawal of his claws is revealed when Hawkeye sets with him on a quest. The now aged Logan, then reveals that the reason he no longer brings out his claws is because he had killed the whole X-Men team while thinking them to be a bunch of rogues who had attacked the X-Men mansion while being disillusioned by Mysterio’s magic.

# He is a part of almost all major Marvel superhero team.

The Wolverine, because of his popularity has the been heavily featured in mostly all of the superhero squads of Marvel. His most recent addition into a superhero team was his surprising entry into the ranks of the Avengers. Fans can’t seem to have enough of the man with the Admantium claws and Marvel too has understood that. Thus they’ve tried their best over the years to give the readers as much of Wolverine as they can.

# Logan was supposed to be a Badger.

Marvel was looking to introduce a new Canadian superhero when they came up with Logan. Initially the names that were decided for this new superhero was Badger and Wolverine. Fortunately the writers went with the latter, otherwise just imagine how would it sound if the  “Badger” led the X-Men team.

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10 Lesser Known Facts About Wolverine That You Never Knew

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