Shocking Game Of Thrones Fan Theories That Will Blow Your Mind


The Winter is upon us on and it is the coldest one yet. With people already boarding the hype train and all starting kinds of countdowns, one cannot have too much of the theories and the and lore surrounding it. One great place for all your ‘Game of Thrones’ needs is the Youtube channel, The Last Harpy. The channel features all the theories, discussions, trailer breakdowns, exclusive footage and everything else that spells Games of Thrones. With a new video being uploaded every alternate day, the thirst for new episodes are quenched till they actually arrive.The best part  about the channel is that they are really interactive and willing to discuss almost any fan theory that seems even remotely plausible. They are really knowledgeable about their stuff, and put on their tinfoil hats only when required.


With videos hardly exceeding the 7 minute mark, the ease of catching up on all the latest updates and the tidbits revolving around Westeros is really made easy. You can catch up on what Arya’s next move would be while waiting for bae, or you can see what Khaleesi has planned, on your way to work. Here we have listed our top 5 videos by The Last Harpy.

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Old Nan, the kindly old woman who was the one telling Bran all the stories and the past lore about the age gone by, was never to be seen after the first season. Could it be that she was always there but we failed to notice or she really escaped the dreaded sack of winterfell. Whatever the case may be, the identity of this master storyteller has always been a mystery.



The Red woman has always had an aura of mystery and suspense about her. Be it giving birth to shadow demons or bringing Jon back to life, her true intentions are still hidden from the world as brilliantly as her age. Could it be possible that she had a role in shaping Westeros as it is right now?



Undoubtedly, the youngest Stark alive, is THE most important character in the series right now. Carrying the mark of the Night’s King on his hand, Bran is already headed to Winterfell. This might have a lot of implications in itself and could be one of the biggest game changers in the show this time.



Winterfell has always been home for many secrets. Be it the crypts beneath it, the speculation of a dragon being the reason behind the warm springs found there or the reason behind its name itself. There is so little known about the Stark stronghold that two seasons don’t seem sufficient to answer them all. 



Hodor! Hodor! HODOR! Hooodddooorrr! Hooooooddddddooooooorrrrrrr!

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Shocking Game Of Thrones Fan Theories That Will Blow Your Mind

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