5 Awesome Indian Youtubers You Should Check Out Right Now!

With the growing popularity of Youtube in India, there has been an increase in the number of upcoming Indian Youtubers. Besides the favourites like All india Bakchod (AIB), BB ki Vines, TVF, there are plenty of awesome Indian Youtube channels that are less known. Following is the list of 5 Indian channels on Youtube that you should be following right away; check them out.

Biswa Kalyan Rath

A widely known name in the field of stand up comedy, Biswa Kalyan Rath has been carving a name for himself since his Pretentious Movie Review days. His style of comedy can be summed up as angry rants while being socially acceptable. Biswa has appeared in many collaborations and has worked alongside almost all the leading comics of the nation. Some of the people he has worked with are AIB, Kenny Sebastian, Abish Matthews and Kanan Gill. Over 2,40,000 people follow his channel.

Check him out here

Village Food Factory

Village food factory is a channel that shows how much fun cooking on a mass scale can be. In one video, you can find the person cooking with a thousand eggs, in another, 100 chicken legs.. Everything is cooked in a traditional way, on clay ovens using firewood. The prepared food is generally distributed amongst the homeless people of Chennai. The channel is currently 405k followers strong and dishing out more and more mouthwatering dishes on a regular basis.

Get ready to feel seriously hungry

Sherry Shroff

With more than 174k subscribers to her channel, Sherry Shroff is one of the most recognized Indian names in the field of the Beauty tips and fashion DIYs. She regularly posts videos and reviews on cosmetics and other beauty products. Sherry posts from Monday to Friday and gives a lot of valuable advice on make-up tutorials and hair DIYs.

Ready for some fun make-up?


Rickshawali is a channel run by the weird and even slightly insane Mumbaiker, Anisha. The description of her channel is spunky enough to catch anyone’s attention even if it’s lesser than the span of a goldfish. Her wackiness includes tying rakhis to Americans, asking the reason behind Kattapa’s betrayal of Bahubali from foreigners and making Italians try out Hajmola. The channel is a must visit for your daily dose of laughter and quirky randomness. Currently she has over 265k people following around her Rickshaw.

Get  ready for some laughter!

Technical Guruji

Based out of Dubai, Gaurav Chaudhary, the host of Technical Guruji claims that the rationale behind creating the channel was to make easy to understand tech videos in Hindi. Chaudhary claims that he wants each and every individual who is interested in technology to be able to understand it in the easiest possible way. The channel is currently 1,922k subscribers strong.

Learn some new stuff!

Youtube is not just limited to entertainment anymore. It encompasses a lot of other areas of our interests as well. One can today, find a lot of content on the site according to his/her needs. People can learn and as well earn a lot from the website. These are top 5 Indian Youtubers that you should be subscribe to get along with more ease in your daily life.

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5 Awesome Indian Youtubers You Should Check Out Right Now!

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