Top 10 Little Known Batman Facts That Will Blow Your Mind!

Batman is one of the most recognized and polarizing superheroes ever  created. For many, the bat symbol stands as a ray of hope, while for others, he’s a powerful billionaire with parental issues. Regardless of which side you are on, you just can’t refute the fact that he has been pivotal in keeping the Justice League together. Here are 10 facts about Batman that you probably weren’t aware of.

#1 Batman’s gunslinging days

Unlike his present day version, the Caped Crusader wasn’t always a strict advocate of the “no guns and no killing’’ policy. In fact, Batman was introduced as an all guns blazing vigilante who didn’t hesitate from throwing people in vats of acid or breaking their necks off with a kick.  It was only later that he developed a code for no killing.

#2 The billionaire bat is named after real life heroes

Charlie Masters

Bruce Wayne was named after two historical figures, Robert the Bruce, who was a Scottish national hero and Mad Anthony Wayne, an American revolutionary war hero.

#3 The many deaths of Batman


In the entire timeline of the comic works till date, Batman has appeared to die 10 times only to return to action. However,  it once so happened that batman was killed off for good. This happened while he had sacrificed himself protecting the world from Darkseid’s evil plans by injecting a virus to combat against his demons and making his mothership explode while he was still in it. Fortunately this all happened in an alternate universe and the Batman from Earth prime is still alive and kicking (pun intended).

#4 A Robin was killed by the audiences

Jason Todd was the second to take up the mantle of the famous sidekick of the Caped Crusader, Robin. Batman had taken him under his cape after the first Robin, Dick Grayson, had left on his own to be Nightwing. Unfortunately for Jason though, he wasn’t very popular among the readers. So in the year 1988, DC held a telephone poll to determine the fate of the second Robin. While the result of the poll is much speculated upon, the comic “Batman: A death in the family” featured the iconic scene of Joker killing off Jason by beating him to death with a crowbar. Todd was later reintroduced as the Antihero Red Hood, who didn’t shy away from using weapons or killing villains.

#5 Justice League’s gift to Batman

The Hell Bat armour is one of the most prized and powerful gifts given to Batman by the elite superhero team, Justice League. It was forged by Superman in the sun and has contributions by all the members of the League. The highly powerful suit was designed by Bruce himself and was meant for him to face God level threats, as he is the only member in the team without any superpowers. The suit has a cloaking device installed in it which makes Batman invisible and it also has additional perks like the ability of flight and adaptability to the Gotham Knight’s body frame to provide him the maximum advantage and protection. This voice controlled suit of his has one major drawback though; it slowly keeps on killing him as the suit is powered by the metabolism of the person wearing it. But just like everything, Batsy has a way out of this too. He can remove the parts of the suit when he doesn’t require them to increase his time inside it.

#6 Batman’s Lunar Base

This is very little known, but it is true. Batman has a hidden batcave in the Dark side of the moon.

Why, you may ask? Because he’s Batman and just because he can! The whole cave is guarded by sentry robo bats, commanded to attack intruders. This Lunar base of his was used as a safe haven by Superman for his son and wife when Eradicator came after Superman..

#7 Batman has defeated Darkseid.

Yes, you read it right. Batman has taken down Darkseid not once, but twice. The only mortal in the team of superheroes, defeating the God-like end villain of the DC comics may sound a bit hard to digest; but it’s Batman we’re talking about here. The first time he does it, is when he has to save his son and the youngest Robin, Damian Wayne from the clutches of Darkseid. For this he wears the Hell Bat armour for the first time, which almost kills him. The second time he bests Darkseid is when the evil god is on the verge of destroying the entire universe. This is one time when he breaks his no guns, no killing policy and shoots Darkseid with a God-killing bullet, leaving him mortally wounded.

#8 Batman meeting his dad


In the alternate universe Flashpoint, things have gone down rather differently. The timeline created by the Flash running too hard into the past to save his mother, has caused a time ripple that has affected all the prominent events of the world. Superman was never discovered by the Kent family and is kept as a secret experiment of the government. Thomas Wayne is the Batman as Bruce Wayne is the one that was killed by the mugger in that alley. As a result of this Martha goes insane and becomes the joker in this timeline. So after the Flash has apparently resolved the crisis of this timeline, some time passes and Batman receives a button in the Batcave (the Watchmen reference). Upon setting out to investigate further upon the button, Batman and Flash end up at the Flashpoint universe, where Bruce meets Thomas and the brief time spent with grants his wish of seeing his father once again and brings him some closure.

#9 Batman x Wolverine

The 1996 DC/Marvel crossover saw the merging of Batman and Wolverine, giving birth to the dark, violent (and awesome) Dark Claw. With the tech brilliance and resources of Bruce combining with the claws and immortality of Logan, the fans of comics are in for a sweet surprise.

#10 Batman has plans for everyone

In the words of the Caped Crusader himself, “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean people aren’t out to get you.” So you can count on him to keep contingency plans made to counter each and every hero of the Justice League, just in case anyone goes rogue against the cause. This has proved to be handy from time to time and as well has also proved to be a life saver as well.

The contingency plans not only include the plans for the others but also the way to stop him too, in case the need arises.

So these were some of the lesser known facts about the Knight of the Gotham City. Hope you enjoyed them. Stick around for some more lesser known facts about your favorite superheroes.

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Top 10 Little Known Batman Facts That Will Blow Your Mind!

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